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Peace, Love & Grilled Cheeses salon

What's new at the salon? Check out our fine feather hair extensions and hair sparkles. In a word, they're AWESOME!

So what is up with the name? you might be asking yourself. The name was a saying my girlfriends and I made up to reflect having a good time and being happy. When I decided to remodel the salon and change our image from 3rd Generation Hair Salon, I wanted a name that would grab your attention, make you ponder a moment and put a smile on your face.

"Peace, Love & Grilled Cheeses” is whatever you want it to mean and is interpreted differently by each person. It is very much like the work we do in the salon. We take each individual and assess their personality, work environment and time constraints and create a style that is perfectly suited for them. Our stylists can then custom formulate a color that is designed for that haircut, from multi-color weaves to just a few highlights.

We're experts in curly hair styling, and our specialities include in-depth beauty analysis and keratin deep-conditioning treatments.

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In addition, our salon is pleased to offer laser hair therapy, for both men and women, a professional, proven treatment for thinning hair.


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